I got my 3rd tattoo yesterday (at Brooklyn Tattoo, Atlantic Ave / Smith St). My other two were done at Philadelphia Eddies and for having lived in NYC for 6 years now it was time to get inked in my adopted hometown.

I had wanted the chapter header symbol from DFW’s Infinite Jest on my left wrist (coverable!) for well over a year and having spent this week (what would have been DFW’s 50th bday) reading obsessively about the man I consider a literary savant/hero (and MacArthur certified genius), I was ready.

"It is about being in the moment and paying attention to the things that matter…" [The New Yorker piece on DFW]

As a bonus, there are 28 of these symbols (shaded white circle) in IJ and I turn 28 this year. Plus, my gf approved and went with me. I’ve seen other DFW/IJ tats, but never this image. And that makes me even more happy with it. I guess I have a tattoo thing for dead male writers that carved their own canon out of literature and left a legacy no one can touch.

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  1. avril-incandenza said: I had this same idea. Been wanting to get it for a while. Still am going to get it, but it’s nice to see it on someone else first. :)
  2. shorterexcerpts said: I want to get the circle and ETA’s Latin motto, but I haven’t figured out a good place.
  3. davenport-6 said: Not usually a big fan of tattoos, but this one is pretty cool.
  4. gatsbylives said: This is great on all levels.
  5. peterwknox posted this
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