Production Office Space in NYC?

We’re in pre-production now, full speed ahead. We begin shooting May 10. It’s less than two months until we start shooting. Even our meetings have meetings. I’d like to shoot the movie in order, if possible. Directors always want to do that but there are schedules to contend with. We still need a detention center. We have a shooting budget of $152,000, though the last $50,000 hasn’t crossed the finish line just yet. It will, one way or another. Someone who knows about these things said this was a 1.2 million dollar movie. Someone else said the same thing. And some people who also know a lot about making movies said you just have to make the movie with whatever you have. Not making a movie is the quickest way to not make a movie.

Stephen Elliott needs a production office in the NYC area. (His last was “About Cherry” and his next is “Happy Baby”. 2 word movie titles are good.) Anyone have any leads?

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  1. balltillifall answered: IFP Media Center opens up in DUMBO pretty soon.
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